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Cohort 5 Agreements and Expectations

(for 2010-2011 grant year)

Welcome to a new year with Michigan’s Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative! We are excited to continue partnering with you and your staff to improve student outcomes.

Important fiscal and participation information:

MiBLSi Cohort 5 Year 3 SCHOOL Information Letter
MiBLSi Cohort 5 Year 3 SCHOOL Agreement: To be downloaded, signed, and returned

MiBLSi Cohort 5 Year 3 DISTRICT Information
MiBLSi Cohort 5 Year 3 DISTRICT Agreement: To be downloaded, signed, and returned

Please use this link to help in determining which schools are in the MiBLSi project.  Cohort 5 Schools

The MiBLSi fiscal year is October 1 - September 30. All MiBLSi funds must be spent within this time period. Carryover is NOT allowed.

MiBLSi Final Expenditure Report Form


Supports Provided by MiBLSi

Through the application process, school teams participate with MiBLSi for a period of three years.  During this time, school teams receive professional development through a training sequence that focuses on schoolwide implementation of behavior and reading supports. Principals and coaches participate in meetings on specific topics regarding implementation efforts. Technical assistance is provided by regional facilitators and schools attend state conferences for implementation teams and coaches.  

After the three-year participation period has ended, continued support is provided through the following:
  • Technical assistance provided by regional facilitators.
  • The development of regional trainers who can assist in professional development for new as well as existing staff.
  • Coaches and principal meetings that are scheduled through out the school year for problem solving and as an implementation support network.
  • Development of new materials (tools, manuals, training powerpoints/handouts) and revision of earlier materials made available through the MiBLSi website
  • Future development of webinars on implementation topics.
  • Focused training topics available for staff (registration fee).
  • The development of ISD support structure for implementation problem solving and support.
  • Participation in State Coaches Conference (registration fee).
  • Participation in State Implementer's Conference (registration fee).

Expectations of Schools in Cohorts 5: