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MiBLSi Model

The MiBLSi model is an integrated model of behavior and reading support.

This section of the Web site describes the multi-tiered model of behavior and reading supports.

Throughout these pages, you will find a framework of Practices, Systems, and Information (Sugai and Horner, 2002).

The practices are provided by staff to improve student outcomes. The systems are the structures created to support staff in implementing successful practices.

Information is used for successful decision making, identifying appropriate (evidence-based) practices that meet student need, evaluation of student outcomes as a result of the practices, and evaluation of the structure to support staff implementation efforts.

1 - Implementation

Implementation image An integrated model of support is based on several shared functions across behavior and reading. These functions include:
  • Team approach
  • Evidence-based practices
  • Progress monitoring
  • Data-based decision
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2 - Evaluation

Evaluation image Schoolwide effective reading support involves a three-tiered approach to prevention and intervention for reading problems in schools. The approach involves team-based training in strategies to:
  • Prevent reading problems
  • Support children with the most intense reading problems
  • Integrate effective academic and instructional systems
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3 - Support

Support image MiBLSi is in the on-going process of creating a sustainable and scalable statewide system of support.

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