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Check In Check Out (CICO)

The Check In Check Out program is sometimes referred to as the Behavior Education Program (BEP). Students are presented with daily/weekly goals and then receive frequent feedback on meeting the goals throughout the day. The feedback system is connected to the schoolwide behavior expectations. Basic features of the Check-in/Check-out program include:

  • Students identified and receiving support within a week
  • Check-in and check-out daily with an adult at school
  • Regular feedback and reinforcement from teachers
  • Family component
  • Daily performance data used to evaluate progress

Example from Green Meadow Elementary

Check-in 8:35 - 8:50

  • Holly gets off the bus, has breakfast, goes to class and then to Check & Connect in Mrs. Coleman’s office. (off the library)
  • If anyone else is with Mrs. Coleman, Holly knows to take a seat at the table just outside of Mrs. C.’s office. Everyone is met with alone.
  • Holly’s turn! She receives a copy of her checksheet for the day.
  • Every goal is gone over every morning. A reminder that the goal for the day is 80% or better.
  • Daily Questions: Are these reasonable? Are they doable? Can you do it?
  • Questions that vary depending on student:
    • Did you have breakfast?
    • Did you get enough sleep?
    • Did you take your medicine?
    • Are you ready for the day or do you still need a little time?
  • Okay ! Off you go with “High 5s”, smiles, jokes, hugs, and a “I can do it”attitude!!

Check-Out 3:30 - 3:35

  • Holly leaves class and reports to Mrs. Coleman’s office.
  • Again, she waits her turn so that she can have one-on-one time.
  • When it’s her turn, her daily points are totaled - Mrs. Coleman guides her to calculate her own percentage for the day.
  • Once the percentage is determined, Mrs. Coleman and Holly discuss and celebrate her successes.
  • If her score is 80% or better, Holly picks a sticker or a pencil.
  • If Holly has 80% or better, daily, for a week, Holly chooses from her reward list.
  • Mrs. Coleman sends her on her way with a positive feeling about her day and her accomplishments.