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Road to the Code

Road to the Code: A Phonological Awareness Program for Young Children

By Benita A. Blachman, Ph.D., Eileen Wynne Ball, Ph.D., Rochella Black, M.S., & Darlene M. Tangel, Ph.D.

Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.

Road to the Code is an 11-week program for teaching phonemic awareness and letter sound correspondence for kindergartners and first graders who are having difficulty with early literacy skills. The program contains 44, 15-20 minute lessons featuring three activities — Say-It-and-Move-It, Letter Name and Sound Instruction, and Phonological Awareness Practice.

Example Road to the Code Lessons

Click on the links below to watch video of example Rode to the Code lessons

Letters and Sounds Activities
Sound Bingo  Concentration 
Go Fish    
Phonological Awareness Practice Activities
Sound Categorization: Initial Sound Sound Categorization: Rhyme
Elkonin Cards Let's Fish
Post Office