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Material from Dr. Anita Archer's Workshops

For the past several years, MiBLSi has been fortunate to sponsor workshops for participating schools on reading topics provided by Dr. Anita Archer. The workshops have included: Early Reading Skills, Vocabulary Instruction, Writing Instruction and Comprehension Skills. Dr. Archer has generously provided her materials and instructional videos to share.

This section of the website provides access to download Dr. Archer's workshop handouts.

April 2015 Materials

Below are the materials from Dr. Anita Archer's April 2015 Presentations


April 22, 2015 - Successfully Teaching Reading Foundation Skills in the CCSS (K-3 Educators)

   Printable pdf of PowerPoint


April 23, 2015 - Writing Foundations: Preparing to Be Successful Writers in the CCSS (K-3 Educators)

   PowerPoint Presentation
   Printable pdf of PowerPoint
 Writing Foundation Examples 2015



January 2014 Materials

Below are materials from Dr. Anita Archer's 2014 presentations


January 28, 2014: Successfully Teaching Reading Foundation Skills in the CCSS (K-3 educators)
 Printable pdf of PowerPoint
 PowerPoint Presentation

           Associated Articles

Teaching Decoding by Lousia C. Moats
Early Reading Proficiency 2014
Learning to Read Words by Linnea C. Ehri
How Spelling Supports Reading by Lousia C. Moats
Peer Assisted Learning Literacy Strategies: wwc report


January 29, 2014: Writing Foundations: Preparing Students to be Successful Writers in the CCSS ( K-3 educators)

 Printable pdf of PowerPoint
 Writing Foundations Examples
 PowerPoint Presentation
 Writing Foundations Practice

           Associated Articles

 Want to Improve Children's Writing? by Steve Graham
 How Spelling Supports Reading by Louisa C. Moats


January 30, 2014: Teaching Writing in the CCSS: Argumentative and narrative Writing (4-12 educators)
 Printable pdf of PowerPoint
 Writing Instruction Examples
 PowerPoint Presentation
 Summary - Writing in All Classes
         Associated Articles

 Effective Writing Instruction for all Students by Steve Graham
 Writing Next by Steve Graham and Doloris Perin
 Writing to Read
 Writing Skills Research
January 31, 2014: Scaffolding Comprehension of Informational Text: Responding to the Demands of the CCSS (4-12 educators)
 Printable pdf of PowerPoint
 Informational Text Comprehension Examples
 PowerPoint Presentation

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Adolescent Literacy Practice Guide
What Content-Area Teachers Should Know About Adolescent Literacy
Comprehension Instruction in Content Area Classes
Engaging the Adolescent Learner by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey
Organizing Instruction Study to Imporve Student Learning
A Focus on Comprehension
What is Disciplinary Literacy and Why Does it Matter

January 2013 Materials

Below are Dr. Archer's handouts for each day's session.  She has also provided additional documents/articles that she thought would be useful to you.

January 14: Decoding & Fluency Instruction   
Decoding and Fluency (handout)
Decoding and Fluency (PowerPoint)
Decoding and Fluency (additional PowerPoint)
Building the Foundation (additional article)
New Times for DLD Sept 2012 Louisa Moats (additional article)
January 15: Explicit Instruction
Explicit Instruction (handout)
Explicit Instruction (PowerPoint)
Explicit Instruction Common Core (handout)
Explicit Instruction - Ideas that Work (additional article)
January 16: Scaffolding Writing Instruction for Struggling Older Writers
Writing Common Core (handout)
Writing Common Core (PowerPoint)
Writing Examples (handout)
Writing Examples (Word)
Writing Next Synopsis (additional article)
Writing Frames