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Videos from Dr. Anita Archer's Workshops

For the past several years, MiBLSi has been fortunate to sponsor workshops for participating schools on reading topics provided by Dr. Anita Archer. The workshops have included: Early Reading Skills, Vocabulary Instruction, and Comprehension Skills. Dr. Archer has generously provided her materials and instructional videos to share.

This section of the website provides access to view the instructional videos used during Dr. Archer's workshops.

To view workshop handouts, click here.

Dr. Archer: Reading Instruction Video Clips

Alternative Passage Reading: 3rd Grade Active Participation: 2nd Grade
Decoding Instruction: 1st Grade Vocabulary Instruction: 2nd Grade
Vocabulary Instruction: Kdg Decoding Instruction: 2nd Grade
Word/Sentence Dictation Read Aloud: Wolf!
Active Engagement