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Creating Lesson Plans

The procedure for teaching behavior expectations is very similar to teaching an academic lesson. Steps for teaching expectations include:

  • Define the Expectation
  • Provide a Rationale
  • Teach the Critical Discrimination
  • Demonstrate Appropriate Behavior
  • Demonstrate Unacceptable Behavior
  • Practice telling the difference with multiple examples
  • If there is a “signal” teach the signal (when should the appropriate behavior occur?)
  • Have everyone practice the appropriate behavior
  • Acknowledge students for demonstrating appropriate behavior

Example Behavior Expectation Lesson Plans

Click on the title below to download sample behavior expectation lesson plans.

Early Elementary School

Word icon Franklin Elementary
Word icon Orchard View Early Elementary


Elementary School

Word icon Arcadia Elementary
Word icon Comstock East Elementary
Word icon Jolman/Orchard View Elementary
Word icon Lake Hills Elementary
Word icon Oakview Elementary