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Middle School/Jr. High School: Teaching Behavior Expectations

A key feature of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is the teaching of behavior expectations. The teaching of behavioral procedure involves the same strategies as the teaching of academics. Specific lesson plans are developed and implemented throughout the school year. 

Teaching behavior expectations at the high school focuses on teaching students how to be sucessful at high school.  This may take place at orientation sessions. Older students are involved in teaching the expectations to new students.

Teaching Examples

Burr Oak Middle School

Burr Oak Middle School "rolled-out" behavior expectations with an assembly to introduce the positive behavior supports program.  Below is an excert from this day.

We're going to start off in a new way this year. Everywhere in the school, we're going to practice making good choices. Today and tomorrow mornings, we're going to teach you the behavior expectations for each place--that is, we're going to show you how we behave in this school. 3 things are going to help you make good choices: Be Safe; Be Respectful; Be Responsible. Today you're going to hear a lot about those three things, so I wanted to make sure to start it off today with everybody knowing it. In school, we're going to be SAFE: what was that one? (call and response) Be Respectful (What was that one?) Be Responsible (What was that one?) And one more time, everybody: Be SAFE! Be RESPECTFUL! Be RESPONSIBLE!

Barbara Jordan School

Teaching hallway behavior expectations at Barbara Jordan school

Madison Middle School

   Staff created video of behavior expectations at Madison Middle School


Reviewing behavior expectations at Milwood
Using sentence strips to review behavior expectations at Milwood

Resources for teaching behavior expectations

Teaching Matrix
Berrien Springs Middle School Behavior Expectation Matrix
Milwood Behavior Expectation Matrix
Blank Behavior Expectation Matrix
Teaching Schedules
Burr Oak First Trimester Teaching Schedule
Burr Oak Second Trimester Teaching Schedule
Behavior Expectations Lesson Plans
Berrien Springs Elementary
Milwood Middle School